“Dawgs Ducks Tailgate Run” Magnuson Park, Seattle

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Races & Events

RACE REPORT: “Dawg Duck Tailgate Run”, Magnuson Park – Seattle. Congratulations to our Dock St. runners for a fabulous job in the 5K race today! All of us got a new PR and also 3 new medals – our intense training is showing off! Very proud of you all! A big Thank You our Sponsor Uberthons!

RACE RESULTS: 5K “Dawg Duck Tailgate Run”

Michael Swicel 21:52
David Culverson 30:25
Peter Roderick 30:31
Todd Maki 30:54
Don Russo 32:25
Bob Jones 51:07
Wenché 20:48

CONGRATULATIONS to my incredible runners! –ωenché


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